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containing substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition


All of our products are lovingly created with wisdom learned from historical archives, botanical studies and modern science. Whilst all of our products are natural we ensure all products are clinically tested... on my children who now have 8 toes and three eyes for your efficiency and use.


At an early age, growing up as a child in the east end of Glasgow, I remember sitting with my pals in concrete heaven and always being drawn to the sky, walking home I would be entranced by those purple, hazy twilight sunsets setting over the rooftops  with the birds doing their synchronizing dancing... just completely lost in nature and the heavens...That was  until i got rudely awoken by my parents shouting me in for the night.  That is where it all began and moving to  the isle of Arran in my early teenage years, was like taking me home. The hills, the sea, the smell of the seaweed, salt air and wild seasonal smell of the gorse just made me feel like I belonged was part of who i am. I realised I could create my own space like this... with plants and everything green...where ever I go ...I would always make a place for plants to grow along with me.

It wasn't until i found my myself a single mother of two nature loving wee boys that I decided to up sticks  from Glasgow and move to rural Argyll, knowing no more than the fact that I had to do this.  it has been incredibly tough at times but  I knew I had to find the reason why I choose to come here, that reason was to get back to nature.  Whilst I was burning  my homemade  candle, after an exhausting day with a two and four year old, the lightbulb moment happened, and so it began...

As a Rosaceae sufferer I bought into these mad "miracle" creams desperate for this red rashy face to finally be cured but nothing worked, in fact it got worse and more irritated. Reading the ingredients in the products I bought I was blown away at the ingredients that were officially deemed "safe" to use. Then there is  the "parfum" belter  causing severe skin irritation and reving up conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. That just can’t be right I thought, but it is and the really scary part is that it is legal! I truly feel that we were being targeted for our vulnerabilities and it was costing us big time.​

I just had to try and change this.​

So my friends I begin this journey with you.  With my whole heart and soul I believe in the healing power of plants and I absolutely believe that my products have the ability to nourish and repair but they only go so far. We must truly feed and nourish ourselves from within...mind (stress) body (food) and soul (happiness) i think …haha​

I will be blogging and visually inviting you to come and explore the beautiful wilds of Argyll  and showing you exactly what goes in your products so come on, join the natural revolution! 

Join Our Botanical Revolution

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