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  •  I just love a good auld fashion rose watter toner and here is why...
  • It helps to soften the skin and give it a natural, healthy glow. It also helps maintain the skin's pH balance, whilst controlling excess oil.
  • Gentle Cleanser. Use rose water toners in conjunction with a mild cleanser. .
  • Anti-Inflammatory Benefits. One of the worst skin issues to deal with is inflammation. ...
  • Astringent. ...
  • Non-Irritating Toner. ...
  • Hydration. ...
  • Antimicrobial Effects. ...
  • Oil Remover. ...
  • Counteracts Damage.

Comes in a 50ml amner glass bottle.

Toner - Restoring Rose



                       In our commitment to transparency, we have built out a glossary containing details on every single ingredient found within our products.

    Stone Mortar and Pestle





    containing substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition



    existing in or derived from nature; not made or caused by humankind

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