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This cream is designed for skin types such as psorisis and eczema. packed tae the brim with...


-reduce itching, inflamation, soothes and cotains antioxidants to heal damaged caused by external pollution uv rays.

activated charcoal:

-this amaazzzingness gets to the deeper layers of the pores and acts as a big magnet sweeping dirt, toxins, metals that are hiding in your skin which is a great prevention for future irritation.

rosehi oil:

- they number one is speading up skins NATURAL healing time and full of ascorbic acid to rejenerated cells.

aloe vera:

-This incrediable plant is highly anti inflammatory, containts vitamn A & C and is perfectly gentle for dry, inflamed skin.

Shea butter:

-brilliant moisture barrier and looks in skins NATURAL moisture whilst still letting skin breathe. Perfect for scars, red and blemished skin types.


Directions: use pea size amount on the affected area and leave to absorb.


*keep the jars of cream away from direct heat and use within 6 months.


stored in 60ml glass Jars.

Charcoal & Oat cream



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