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The perfect summer recipe to prolong, hydrate and enhance your golden sunkissed skin...naturally and he my friends is why...


Aloe vera - Contains high levels of vitamin A + E along with enzymes which help absorb the minerals in oor bodies to help skin recover faster from burns and dry skin.


Tumeric - antiseptic and fights its way into pores to calm the skin


Avocado butter - incredibly hydrating and prevents skin from cracking or peeling. It is also anti aging due to the natural high levels of collagen found in avocados. boosts skin elasticity to reduce dryness or sunburn cracks which leads to fine lines and wrinkles. reduces scar tissue and is gentle on sensitiver skin.


Carrot seed oil - has been shown to have a high level of natural SPF between 38 - 40 and works with skins natural melanin in your body to stimulate darker skin pigments in your body.


zinc oxide nano - a mineral that is a natural sun barrier that protects the earths crust and contains a high SPH level.


*120ml and is stored in a glass amber jar


*directions - apply before and after sun exposure.

Aloe & Carrot suncare

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