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The Natural Summer Survival Kit

No matter how we try, there are always little bits that burn. Have a few cocktails and forget to apply more sunscreen, miss those bits behind the knees or on the shoulder. 

No matter where your burnt bits are, our soothing
Aloe Vera & Carrot Body Butter will rehydrate your skin, turning the beaming red to a bonny, lasting brown. 
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Natural, Holistic Bodycare, Made Exclusively in Argyll, Scotland

Farmed, Foraged and Sustainably Sourced, every product in our range is created to instil a harmony between your body and the natural world. We spend hours in the workshop, extracting the healing properties and incredible scents from nature's finest sources, to produce award-winning creams, soaps, lotions and candles to make your body happier and healthier at no cost to our beautiful planet. 

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